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      IAQ Provides total solutions that include:
      ? Consultation
      IAQ provide solution and idea for factory layout planning, utilities process layout.
      ?? Design
      A powerful design team and design idea to provide for excellent design proposal in economic way.. ...
      Jiangsu IAQ Engineering Co.Ltd is a subsidiary company of IAQ group owned by TOPTRANS. It is founded in 2002, specializing in design, civil & structural, M&E installation and clean room construction. To-date, we have successfully delivered lots of quality 'turn-key' projects especially in semiconductor, micro-electronics, photovoltaic, pharmaceutic
      Address:Room B505,Weiting science and technology innovation building,No 8 Weizheng Road, Weiting Town, Suzhou Industrial Park   |   Telephone:+86-512-62745199   |  Fax:+86-512-62743199  |  Sitemap
      COPYRIGHT (C) 2012 Jiangsu IAQ Engineering Co.,Ltd. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.   Technical support:Meng-e.com
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